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Sea Freight Software

Manage Operations, Automate Documentation, Control accounts , Optimize Expenses.

Cargonet Freight Forwarding Software
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CargoNet Sea Freight Software:

Empowering Your Imports and Exports

Explore hassle-free sea freight Forwarding Software  with CargoNet’s easy-to-use application . Our comprehensive sea Freight  import and export software, coupled with robust Job Control features, empowers you to navigate the complexities of logistics effortlessly.



Features that

Sea Forwarding Freight Software

Transform Your Operations

Sea Export Software

  • Simplify and automate your sea export processes seamlessly.
  • Efficiently process Booking Closure, Reopen, and Cancellation.
  • Manage Credit and Debit Notes against Sales, Purchase, and Bill of Supply effortlessly.
sea freight software

Sea Import Software

  • Streamline operations with precise Job Control capabilities.
  • Manage Freight Correction, Delivery Orders, and Bill of Supply effortlessly.
  • Handle Credit and Debit Notes, Cancellation, and more with unparalleled ease.

Revolutionize Sea Freight

with CargoNet Sea Export Solution

Effortlessly streamline your sea export operations with CargoNet’s powerful Sea Export Solution. From simplifying booking processes to handling credit notes, our advanced features bring efficiency and control to every aspect.

Advanced System Flow:

1.Sales Force Management:

2.Freight Rate Management:

3. Freight Quote Management:

4. 3-D Container Visualization:

5. Job Entry and B/L Generation:

6. Pre-Alert Generation:

7. Invoice and Purchases Generation:

8. Local Transportation Module:

9.Warehousing Module:

10.Customs Clearance and EDI Plug-ins:

11.Port Handling Module:

12.Cargo Tracking:



with CargoNet Sea Import Solution

An innovative platform crafted to revolutionize the way you manage sea import operations. Say goodbye to complexities, and embrace efficiency, precision, and control like never before.

Advanced System Flow:

1.Sales Force Management:

2.Order Booking:

3. Mater Bill of Lading Creation:

4. Job Creation and Consolidation:

3. Automated Email and SMS Generations:

4. House Airway Bill Generations:

5.CAN Creation:

6. Delivery Order Generation:

7. Packing List Creation:

8. Sea Import Clearance Module Integration:

9. Customs EDI Interface:

10. Integration with Finance Module:


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