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Air Freight Software

CargoNet simplifies customs, boosts cargo security, solves capacity issues, and ensures compliance. Elevate your air freight effortlessly!
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CargoNet Air Freight Software Solution :

Your Gateway to Effortless Air Freight Management

Unlock the potential of air freight simplicity with CargoNet smart Air freight  software suite. Seamlessly streamline Air Import, Air Export, and Air Freight Forwarding. Drive revenue and innovation through a data-driven platform, discovering new opportunities and fostering collaboration. Choose CargoNet for an unmatched cargo management experience!


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with CargoNet

Cargo Operations

Air Freight Software

Air Export Software

CargoNet, where innovation meets excellence in air freight export management. Our advanced air freight export software is designed to redefine your shipping experience, ensuring seamless operations from quote to delivery. Experience unparalleled efficiency with features like integrated Freight Quote and Freight Rate management, automated job creation, real-time tracking, and automated communication at every stage of your shipment. CargoNet’s platform simplifies complex processes, streamlining invoicing, warehousing, and customs clearance. Elevate your air freight exports with CargoNet, delivering a comprehensive solution that transforms challenges into opportunities.

sea freight software

Air Import Software

Our innovative Air Freight Import Software is tailored to simplify and optimize your import processes. Say goodbye to complexities as our platform automates documentation management, ensures real-time tracking, and conducts compliance checks seamlessly. With CargoNet, your import operations are streamlined for efficiency, reducing turnaround times and minimizing errors. Experience a user-friendly interface that facilitates quick adoption, and benefit from customizable solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

CargoNet Air Freight export Software:

Effortless Shipping, Simplified Air Export

Navigate air freight complexities effortlessly with our user-friendly interface, ensuring efficient processes, real-time tracking, and automated notifications. CargoNet simplifies documentation, customs compliance, and warehousing integration. Anticipate shipments with pre-alerts, manage deliveries seamlessly, and connect with insurance coverage for added security. Experience hassle-free air freight management with CargoNet – 

Advanced System Flow:

1.Freight Quote and Rate Management Integration:

2.Job Creation and Airway Bills Generation::

3. Automated Mailing and SMS Notifications:

4. Collection of Air Cargo:

5. Invoices & Purchase Bills Generation:

6. Warehousing Module Integration:

7. Real-Time Shipment Tracking:

8.Air Export Clearance Module Integration:

9.Automated Duty and Tax Calculations:

10.Pre-Alert Generations:

11.Cargo Delivery Management:

12.Connectivity Insurance Coverage Modules:


CargoNet Air Freight import Software:

Elevating Your air import Operations

Embark on a journey of enhanced efficiency and precision with CargoNet, your all-in-one solution for air freight import management. Designed to transform the way you handle imports, CargoNet brings together advanced technology and a comprehensive feature set, redefining the standards of logistics excellence for your business.

Advanced System Flow:

1.Master BL Generation:

2.Job Creation and Consolidation:

3. Automated Mailing and SMS Notifications:

4. CAN Generation:

5. Invoices & Purchase Bills Generation:

6. Delivery Order Generation:

7. BRO Shipment Handling:

8.Import Clearance Module Linking:

9.Warehouse and Barcode Reading Module Linking:

10.Customs EDI Interface

11.Tracking Delivery Process at Consignee Location::

12.Integration with Finance Module:

13.Freight Correction:


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